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About Coach Youri And Our Vision




After playing nationally and internationally as a player and over 3 years of coaching experience, professional tennis coach Youri De Vries brings both his passion and his expertise to the court, helping you believe & achieve!

We offer private and group trainings guided by our professional tennis coach.

In our group trainings, players will always play in small groups (maximum 4 players per coach) so individual assistance is always guaranteed.  We offer training programs for all our players, starting from our youngest ones (5 year old), all beginners, advanced, tournament and pro players. We follow training programs that we specially designed for all kinds of levels to improve their game to become better tennis players.

If you are interested in training at our academy, please contact us to learn about the options in our programs.


Tennis coaching philosophy

"Grow, improve, achieve and have fun playing tennis"

  • Our goal is to inspire and offer our players a high quality of coaching in all the areas of tennis: technical, tactical, physical and mental. We want to assist you in your journey of reaching and experiencing your full potential.

  • We challenge our players to strive for improvements in all areas, rather than a "winning at all costs" philosophy. We take pride in hearing many students say that after their lessons, they feel better not only about their tennis game, but better about themselves as well.

  • We get unbelievable satisfaction when watching our players learning a new skill or improving their existing skills. The look of excitement in their eyes as well as the feeling if accomplishment is what it's all about for us. As professionals, we always strive to better ourselves by being constant students of the game, always increasing our knowledge and ideas. Specific modern techniques and fundamentals lay the foundation for playing tennis in such a way that is easy, effortless and very fun.

  • We promote hitting the balls efficiently with the least amount of effort for people to strive towards. We couple the teaching of techniques with tactics. Tactics are the little things a player implements with each shot, think of speed, spin, placement etc to achieve the goals of the bigger picture (an overall match strategy). Proper technical guidance is extremely important in our eyes, otherwise, one will develop an inefficient way of executing their shots. This will limit what you can do and worse, may even lead to injury. Whatever your goals are, we will assist you in getting there!


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What some ATA tennis students say about us:  

I can only describe your programs as an oasis of knowledge! Now, people in my club talk about my play being “on fire!” and I am so happy and excited to get a big spike in my performance. 

A. Cassaro

I have to say the program has totally transformed my backhand. It has gone from being a real liability to a weapon!

I had my doubts about learning it from the start, but with your help and detailed advices, it is really quite easy.

Μαρία Μ.

Youri is amazing at teaching the fundamentals and he understands the fundamentals of the game… I love that he is a professional licensed coach. Youri is also a nice guy, interactive with his students, motivational, and wants us to succeed.


 Anastasiya Varga

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